Reed Diffusers RED Label | Kraft Boxes

Reed Diffusers RED Label | Kraft Boxes

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*RED label ONLY diffusers as these labels are discontinued from our signature collection. These diffusers are labelled with red labels (as shown in photos) and packaged in Kraft boxes. 

Reed diffusers scent any space without a flame. Add as many reeds as you would like depending on how fragrant you prefer your room to be. The more reeds, the more fragrant your room will be!

Flip reeds every few days. 

4oz glass bottle with 10 fibre reeds (5 black + 5 natural). 

Scent lasts approx. 3+ months depending on the number of reeds used. 

Made with alcohol free ingredients. All reed diffusers are hand poured in small batches, labelled by hand, and created using the highest quality of essential and premium fragrance oils.

Colour of oils may differ due to essential/fragrances variances. 

Not to be used in plug in diffusers.

Due to supply chain issues, bottles may be frosted or clear.