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We spend hours, often months, carefully blending all of our beautiful scents. Premium essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils are sourced from around the world ensuring we create the best and safest home fragrances for you, your family/pets, and the environment. 

Surround yourself with the following luxury Signature scents.

SANDSTONE: a captivating fragrance with top notes of ripen green fig, amber, Italian neroli, and completed with maple brown sugar. 

FROSTED ASPEN: frosted woodland trees highlighted with a subtle spoonful of brown sugar.

WINTER MANTLE: unique blend of white juniper, green boxwood, magnolia leaves, ripened peach, subtle hint of tart cranberries, and fallen pine cones. Completed with silver dollar eucalyptus.

BOUTIQUE HOTEL: luxurious combination of cedar wood, vanilla, sandalwood, and aspen woods. 

BELMONDO: smooth, rich blend of espresso, roasted hazelnuts, and vanilla cream. Accented with a touch of coconut, ginger, and cinnamon.

BLUSHING ROSÉ: sparkling prosecco, enhanced with sweet berries, and completed with light, bottom notes of jasmine. 

WHITE CASHMERE: wrap yourself in comforting cedar wood, mango, tonka, and musk.

EVERGREEN FOREST: refreshing walk breathing in the notes of birch, cypress, and sage.

LIDO: mystic healing scent of palo santo and sage for tranquility and peace.

EVENING SOIRÉE: enjoy a relaxing evening with a glass of merlot, the warmth of almonds, and cozy amber woods.

WINDSOR OAK: an intoxicating blend of tobacco leaves, bourbon, and woodsy oak. Topped off with sweet honey. 

BOHEMIAN PALMS: sophisticated spicy orchid, jasmine, ozone, and sea salt.

HELLO SUNSHINE: uplifting fragrance with nuances of zesty lemon, tangerine, and highlighted with verbena. Base notes of musk and sandalwood.

MOUNTAIN SPA: a weekend retreat with notes of eucalyptus, winter mint, and  fresh lemon zest.

MOONSTONE: a beautiful, sultry fragrance blended with rosewater, vetiver, floral petals, and fresh citrus notes. Accented with patchouli and cardamon.

COASTAL CALM: fresh, coastal scents of driftwood and sea salt. Enhanced with a light mist of lime zest, completed with a musky base.

FIRESIDE SUEDE: a cool night spent outdoors enjoying the scents of crackling firewood, warm toasted marshmallows, and pine sap.

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